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TransEleven Claims Managers Global TPA
TransEleven Appoints New CEO and President, Claims

February 7, 2022

TransEleven Claims Managers is pleased to announce the appointment of a new Chief Executive Officer and a new President, Claims to replace J. Brian Hobbs, the company’s founding President and CEO, who passed away as the result of a tragic accident in December.  Shelle Hobbs, Vice President of Operations, will assume the role of Chief Executive Officer.  As TransEleven’s new CEO, she will oversee all of the company’s business operations including business development, marketing and finance.  In addition, she will now serve as Chairman of the Board. Under a new organizational structure, Kathy Weber, Chief Operating Officer, will assume the newly created position of President, Claims.  For the full story, please read the news release.

TransEleven Mourns The Loss of J. Brian Hobbs

December 23, 2021

TransEleven Claims Managers is profoundly saddened to announce the passing of President and CEO, Brian Hobbs.  Tragically, Brian died after being struck by an automobile.  This news comes as a shock to everyone who knew and worked with him.  Please read the news release for further information.  For details about funeral arrangements, donations and flowers, please see Brian's obituary at the TJM website where you can also sign the memorial guest book.  Brian built more than a company, he built a brand.  He will always be remembered by his staff and colleagues for his even temperament, his generous spirit and an infectious love of life and “all things London”.  News announcements about future TransEleven leadership are forthcoming. 

TransEleven Claims Managers Global TPA
TransEleven Claims Managers Global TPA
TransEleven Claims Managers Global TPA